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3DWriter is so simple that anyone who knows how to word process and knows what a hyperlink is can probably start using it without any instructions.  However if you believe in the adage "When everything else fails, try reading the instructions.", we provide you with two simple tutorials. The first is a quick start tutorial that consumes all of a single screen.  Even the full tutorial takes only a few screens.  That's how simple it is!

3DWriter Quick Start

3DWriter Full Tutorial

Organizing 3DWriting Projects Into a Personal Portfolio

3DWriting Examples and Ideas

Standardized Testing Blues - A song parody turned into a 3DWriting project

3DMemoirs - Mike Ott, an 8th grade language arts teacher in Manassas, VA, is having his students create their memoirs with 3DWriter. He created this wonderful example as a model for his student to follow.

Turning Free Surfing Into Learning - While many people consider free surfing poor use of the Internet, they neglect the fact that locating information for personal use is part of the first indicator on the National Educational Technology Standards for grades 9-12.  This article shows how 3DWriter can be used to turn free surfing into a standards based learning experience.

Choose Your Own Path Stories - This type of story is popular with elementary and middle school students. This example of only a few pages, begins to tell the story of a true life-changing experience for three of my high school students and others around the world.

The Big6 and 3DWriter - The Big6 is the most widely used problem solving and research method in the K-12 world. 3DWriter is a great tool to use at various stages in the process.

Bernie Dodge's Home Page - Though not done using 3DWriter, this web site can easily be viewed as a series of 3DWriting documents that were compiled to create the web site.  Each section could have been drafted and then imported into a more heavy-duty HTML editor.  By approaching web pages in this fashion, the focus stays on content first and frills second. If you want students to create content as an outcome of a WebQuest, think about Bernie's page and 3DWriter.

Medieval Knights and Weapons of Mass Destruction - This is a lesson I used to help students understand that hyperlink narrative depends more on the quality of links they create, rather than the quantity.

The Personalities on Mailing Lists - Mailing lists go through an interesting life cycle. This example was created to defuse a situation on a mailing list I managed. It shows how 3DWriter's easy image tool can be used effectively..

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