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Description: INTERNET POWER RESEARCH USING THE BIG6™ APPROACH provides students, teachers, and librarians with a common step-by-step method for information problem-solving in the Internet age. Created by educators Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz, the Big6™ provides a classroom-tested approach to solve most any type of information related problem. Author Art Wolinsky shows the reader how the Internet and Big6™ combine to provide the student with an effective method to do research and reports. The author also explains how to deal with the information overload that often hinders student Internet research. Each book contains Internet addresses throughout the text that relate to the topics being discussed, a further reading list, a glossary, and an index. This title is available in a library edition.

Description: Locating and Evaluating Information on the Internet takes readers beyond the simple process of information gathering. It familiarizes readers with the wide range of tools available to help them access the rapidly growing pool of information available on the Internet, while providing them with a means to help them determine the quality and authenticity of the information they retrieve. Readers are encouraged to think critically, and are provided with opportunities to access a variety of Web sites in order to practice their critical thinking skills.

Description: In Communicating on the Internet, author Art Wolinsky provides readers with crucial information and interesting tips aimed at making Internet communication a fun, powerful, safe, and effective tool. From e-mail to the World Wide Web, Wolinsky helps readers learn to gather information, contact experts, and maneuver efficiently throughout the Internet. Safety concerns are carefully addressed, as readers are warned to be wary of anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, and to share their concerns with a parent or any other adult they trust. Readers are provided with ample opportunities to access a variety of Web sites that address communication issues.

Description: The History of the Internet and the World Wide Web takes readers on a journey through the development of the Internet, and the growth of the World Wide Web. The evolution of the Internet is traced back to its roots and brought into the present day. Readers are provided with oppurtunities to access a variety of Web sites related to the growth and development of the Internet and the World Wide Web.


Description: In Safe Surfing on the Internet, Art Wolinsky's sixth book for THE INTERNET LIBRARY, he discusses Internet safety and rules that should be followed when using the Internet. Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs) and the possible differences in rules at school and at home are examined, as well as safe ways to explore the Web and find what you need. Ways to keep protect yourself, your privacy, and the rights of others are stressed.


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