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3DWriter Prevents Broken Links

In other programs, when you browse to other folders to make links, unless you are an advanced user and understand how it creates links, the software may create a link that functions file while you are editing, but is broken when you post the work to the Internet or move it to another folder. This happens because the software creates a link that includes the full path within the computer and when you move the folder to the Internet, instead of the link just going to the document, it tries to go to your computer.

By limiting the Select File option to the current folder, it ensures you that the link will be made correctly.  For example, if I want to link from a document in the MyProjects folder named job.htm, to a document in the same folder, named interview.htm, here is the beginning of the behind the scenes html code that should be created by the software and is ALWAYS created by 3DWriter.

<a href=”interview.htm”>

On the other hand, if you are not an advanced user, here is the code that will most likely be created by a another html editor.

<a_href=”..\..\..\..\..\..\Documents%20and%20Settings\Art%20Wolinsky\Desktop\ MyProjects\interview.htm">

This is one of the most common and most frustrating problems people encounter with they use other software and it is one of the biggest reasons teachers have avoid doing hypertext narrative with students. 3DWriter eliminates that road block.

The cost is having to type in a link if it outside the current folder. It’s a small price to pay.


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