Art Wolinsky





My philosophy of education can be summed up in an answer I gave in 1970, while taking a supervised teaching course at Farleigh-Dickenson University. Dr. Linette, the then Superintendent of Rockaway Township, asked the class what we thought about the American Educational System. I listened as 15 people sang the praises of our system, and when it came to me, I said it stinks.


He then asked me to explain why it stinks.  While I don’t remember the exact words, but I basically said school was supposed to prepare kids for life, but it didn’t do that. It didn’t teach planning, thinking or problem solving, and life isn’t broken up into 40 minute blocks.  While I don’t remember my words exactly, I do remember his.  He said, “You are absolutely right!”  The discussion continued from there for the next two hours and the next forty years were devoted to student centered learning.



·       Adjunct Professor – Pace University Doctorate of Technology Program

·       Educational Technology Director –

·       Technology Director - Online Internet Institute 

·       CEO 3DWriting, Inc.

·       Technology Infusion Specialist/Consultant

·       State of New Jersey professional development provider

·       Certified Big6 Trainer

·       Technology Infusion Mentor Atlantic City Schools

·       Designed and conducted online courses for Southern Regional Educational Technology Training Center

·       East Coast Facilitator – Tom March’s

·       Trainer and consultant for Project ELITE, NJ Gates Grant

·       Technology consultant for NJ Assoc. of School Administrators

·       IBM Educational Instructional Specialist

·       Wrote curriculum for and taught Internet Basics and Web Publishing, Multimedia Production, Computer Application Basics, and BASIC Programming

·       Taught science, math, and technology Southern Regional School District - Grades 7-12

·       Co-Developed and taught Gifted Program at Southern Regional Middle School


CLASSROOM 1970 - 1982

·       Long Beach Island Elementary – Grade 5

·       Eatontown Memorial School  - Grade 8 Science

·       Sayreville Jr. High School – Alternative Education



·       Hypertext Narrative and 3DWriting, 3DWriting, Inc., 2003

·       Safe Surfing on the Internet, Enslow Publishing, Inc., 2002

·       Internet Research Using the Big6 Method,  Enslow Publishing, Inc., 2002

·       Online Safety , Enslow Publishing, Inc., 2001

·       The Internet Library, a four book series -.Enslow Publishing, Inc.. 1999



·       “We Can Get There From Here” Internet @ School Magazine 2008

·       "WiredKids " Multimedia Schools Magazine.  Sept. 2000

·       "FilterGate" Multimedia Schools Magazine.  2001

·       "What Works in Staff Development"  Multimedia Schools  Mar.-Apr. 1998

·       Multimedia Reference Library Teacher's Guide, CCC Inc., 1994



·       Active in teacher training in the tri-state area since 1985, conducting classes in all phases from word processing to programming, multimedia production, telecommunication, Internet, and Technology infusion.

·       Regular presenter at state, regional and national conferences such as NJEA, NJAET, TCEA, NECC, NSBA, and NEA

·       National Action Committee - UNESCO's Innocence in Danger Program and

·       Educational Technology Director

·       Adobe Education Leader

·       Online course facilitator for CoSN, NSBA, and EDC courses on Safeguarding the Wired School House and other courses

·       National Science Teacher Association Key Leader for Ocean County 1998

·       Chairman - Ocean County Technology Council

·       Training consultant New Jersey Educational Technology Training Centers

·       Was a program evaluator for President Clinton’s Expert Technology Program

·       Created New Jersey’s first multimedia production elective

·       Co-Created New Jersey’s online dial-up math tutorial and homework helpline

·       Created New Jersey’s first dial-up educational computer bulletin board



·       Temple University – B.A. Biology - 1968

·       Brick Computer Science Institute - Data Process Repair – 1983

·       Numerous non-degree courses over the years